Friday, October 14, 2016

My vindication comes from Him who created me.

I may not understand the kind of interest you have on me and my business that you really put the effort in following my digital footsteps, I can only assume that your life won't be interesting without me in it?

Vivienne, I'm now 42, and what does that mean? It means that I'm too old for your childish games. Stalking me, posting my initials on your Facebook wall doesn't do you any good, what it does is, it quenches the Holy Spirit inside you, and you're grieving God. Because really, what do I have which you don't, that you keep on giving me importance? No. I'm not copying you, you don't know me from Adam, and all these time, you're only assuming whatever it is you base on my curated post. Most of my writing are experimentations of my crooked mind.

And I don't care about you to accuse me of what you are doing to me. The only reason I'm writing this is because I fear for your state of mind: you tricked me into giving you my relatives' home address in the guise of seeking for a product reviewer. If that doesn't seem off with you, and when I called you out, you turned to your followers to solicit validation, I'm just concerned if you're still in your right faculties. Do you understand what you're doing still? I will assume that you're just blinded by the anger you since cradled from your childhood.

Vivienne, do yourself a favor and Grow up! Nobody's after you, I'm not after you.
And those kids that bullied you, called you names? Earnestly and genuinely pray for them and healing from them.

firstly, why would I have interest on someone as uninteresting as you? I used to admire your use of words, and that's it. Second, I'm not attracted to women, as a former wife, I have realized of certain cravings that the opposite sex can only provide. I can't imagine me being that with you, it's disgusting! Thirdly, like my earlier point: I have many things to do, that even as I write this post, the thought that I'm wasting what remaining intelligence on you , is making me uneasy.

Vivienne, I have children, no offense, and you may not understand my position as a Single Parent, a lot of work goes with it. I spend my waking hours terrified, if I'm still doing my job as a mom/dad right. I have mundane tasks like house chores, bills, meals to cook. Activities that Take Most of MY Time. I work 9 hours a day, travel a total if six hours, and I still have to: talk to teachers, check my children's progress in school, yes, even if my son is in college. Because I want to still be involved in my children's lives because this is how I can relate and discipline them effectively.
 So, as a responsible person with many obligations, why would I just sit down to "stalk" you? It doesn't make sense does it?

What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally. Remember that.