Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Random blabber about the activity of this blog.

I still have a lot of chores to finish, but being a lazy bee, here I am fiddling with my online journal. I've been trying to come up with plans of writing fresh posts, entries that make sense and informative at least. Admittedly, I feel exhausted because of lack of sleep and instead of resting my eyes & mind, I defaulted to blogging instead, despite not having a clear idea how to improve this small space in the world wide web.

Blog template.
I will keep this current theme for a while and maybe inquire someone else to create me a more personalized one.

Blog traffic.
This blog is not currently looking for any sort of activity than me filling it with contents. Given the history of this blog, I feel it's better to fly under the radar, if that statement make sense.

Blog theme.
Still personal. I will figure out the marketing part a little later when the idea finally pops in.